Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Providing Necessary Space

 In order to efficiently construct the  massive array of solar reflectors we needed to slightly alter our fabrication facilities and how they perform as a whole.  Phasing strategies needed to be reevaluated in order to have enough room for fabrication of each modular component as a whole.


In order to have enough fabrication space to construct modules for the outer station fabrication facilities must be extended to the desired radius of the outer ring.


These new facilites will then construct components necessary to house larger fabrication. They will continue to expand until the largest member of the structure is able to be constructed within its envelope.


Modules then extend in each direction from the fabrication facilites until they meet and connect forming a completed outer station.

Transport rails surround the exterior allowing robotic equipment access to the exterior of the station to make any repairs or continue construction.


Construction of the inner solar harvesting panels will provide the station with enough energy for the crew to perform daily tasks more easily and to offset the energy needed to construct the solar reflecting panels that span 4 kilometers in diameter.


Once the solar reflector assembly is complete the station has completed its mission in making it possible to allow for high capacity energy beaming to Earth's surface for grid usage.

After the structure is self sustaining in harvesting solar energy the Outer Station ring departs from the Inner Spire to travel to new coordinates and begin construction on another array.  The Inner Spire is left with the assembly for routine maintanence and support.

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