Friday, January 27, 2012

Solar Harvest Station

For our midterm proposal, we continued with our strategies we have presented throughout the quarter. Our proposal is composed of five strategies: Base spire, hab/lab installation ring, initiate solar array, development of one km space colony, and the expansion  of the solar array to over 40 km. After the fifth stage, the initial space station of the first two stages can detach and develop another solar array elsewhere in orbit. 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Stage Three and Four

The final two stages of our proposal include the development of our large array and the exterior ring colony. With this strategy we can occupy space with permanent habitations. When the the final stage is complete, certain modules can detach for the development of arrays with the sole purpose of sending power to earth or a completely new space colony station.

Here are some preliminary images of the station and array:

Stage One and Two Initial Proposals

As we move toward the full scaled space station, we decided to compose our station in a set of four stages. The first stage is the center spire which includes the solar power transmitter, labs for solar and space research, infrastructural modules, and the power system. The spire will be responsible for docking, powering the whole station, and generating the rotation needed for the external ring gravity.


Inflatable Experimentation

With opportunities to inflate spaces, we just messed around with t-splines for a little bit. This may or may not develop further, as these shapes are not our forte.


Module Development [interior spaces]

We have began approaching the interior qualities of our space station modules. Each module may appear identical, but are composed of different program internally. As of now we have conceptualized what a habitation module would appear like as well as a transportation module. The transportation modules will be used to connect the inner rings to the ones exterior to it.

Module Development

This is just an elaboration of our basic module concept with the addition of solar panels, rigid connections, and extensions to a possible 1 km space colony ring.

Initial Proposal

For our initial approach at a solar based power station, we decided to think modularly. The proposal for the Space Island Group appealed to us because of the manner in which they were able to get their module into space. They utilized used fuel tanks, we will be thinking of a more dynamic architectural module.

From this concept we developed a diagram for modularly constructing a preliminary space station

Monday, January 9, 2012

Solar Based Solar Power Station

"This is the fifth in a series of Space Architecture related design studios. The focus is to allow architecture students to make contributions to the conceptual design for Space Solar Power habitation. SBSP gathers energy from sunlight in space and transmits it wirelessly to Earth. Space solar power can solve our energy and greenhouse gas emissions problems. Not just help, not just take a step in the right direction, but solve.
 The Project has Five Primary Considerations including: The actual trajectory issues (how to get building materials to space), Space Manufacturing (how to fabricate and assemble/construct in space) Human Factors (including ergonomics and programming), Safety (ranging from protection of debris and resource utilization) and Growth (including adaptability and expansion). Of the central issues explored in this studio, we will concentrate on Manufacturing."